Anne-Sophie Ahrens (Fauvel)

In 2007 with a Master in Romanistic, French as a foreign language and educational technologies at the University of Angers, Anne-Sophie Ahrens is french teacher in a language academy in Spain. She finds among her audience of Spanish-speaking learners a real passion for the improvement of educational material and more particularly for digital material. Few tools are available for teachers, while learners' interest in ICT is very strong. 

Graduated with a Master 2 in language teaching, French as a foreign language and linguistic engineering, in 2010, at the University of Bordeaux III, she began designing digital teaching materials at Éditions Maison des langues. Then She designs online activities, then coordinates a project of material adapted to the interactive whiteboard.

She combines FLE teaching and editorial activity in Germany since 2011. Today Anne-Sophie is not only a French teacher and a DELF and DALF examiner-corrector, but she is also a trainer for teachers for e-learning and for the integration of technologies in a learning process in germans universities.

Anne-Sophie is preparing a PhD at the Humboldt University of Berlin, on language teaching and the Interactive Whiteboard to follow research and innovations in these fields.